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GP Strategies has vast experience in developing and delivering product-specific training to the automotive industry. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a training provider with more proven processes, best practices, lessons-learned, and demonstrated successes.

Many of our personnel have engineering degrees, lending insight to new products and systems, as well as existing ones. That expertise, coupled with our command of training and our global knowledge of automotive manufacturing, ensures courses that are developed and delivered with world-class results.

Deliver effective overview and teardown training.

GP Strategies’ team of ASE Master Certified Technicians has years of experience and is up to date with all the leading technologies. We work closely with your subject matter experts to develop courses that align with your business and performance goals.

GP Strategies has recently developed and delivered training on the new Ford SYNC system to all the Ford Dealers in North America. This type of technical training can be supplemented with our dealership development consulting for a holistic solution that delivers stronger performance throughout your dealership service departments.

Access end of line training and quality alert systems.

End of line product training is targeted to the workers responsible for your vehicles working properly and passing all tests before they leave your plant. GP Strategies has been providing training for this phase of production for almost a decade. We are contracted to these projects about one year prior to the public seeing your new vehicle, during which time we develop and deliver diagnostic techniques and teach your people how the new complex electrical systems in today’s cars work.

This type of work is often coupled with updating your plant’s quality tracking mechanism. GP Strategies’ depth of experience in dealerships is a natural fit when it comes to helping the plant track quality concerns. In many cases a bridge between manufacturing and dealership operations is formed, which forces quality issues back to the source.

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